A:TLA Appreciation Post #2

I originally thought I’d write multiple posts, but it’s been hard. I’d much rather be blazing through these episodes than taking time out to write about them, heh. But, I just finished Book Two, so it seems like a good place to take a breather and write.

This is probably going to be more word-vomitty.

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A:TLA Appreciation Post #1

Yep. I’m going to nerd out again.

Watching A:TLA again. It’s been like three years since I’ve rewatched it. Four? Rewatching in college, at an older age, I appreciated it so much more than when I watched it as a kid.

And, watching it again now, I can appreciate it on an even deeper level.

So, expect at least a handful of posts on the show, as I go through the series. HEHE.

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Bats, cats, love, and happiness

I haven’t been doing much writing, aside from some crappy poetry scribbles at work. So, at the price of being a total loser, I figured I might as well go ahead and write this.

I read the 36 issues currently out for the DC Rebirth Batman series. I won’t even hesitate to admit that I only took the time to actually read the issues (as opposed to only reading wiki pages and listening to a summary on YT), because I needed to see the full story of Bruce and Selina unfold. HAHA. God, I’m such a loser…


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Misery loves company

I have a bunch of blog posts I wanted to (still want to) write. On both blogs.

But it’s just been hard. I mean, having the energy and time has definitely been a challenge. But, it’s because it requires me to apply a little bit of thinking and organization. Most of my blogs is because I’m trying to explore or share a reflection or idea.

I have too many emotions going on in me lately to do that. Pouring out what I’m feeling is more natural and free-flowing than building something with my blocks of thoughts.

This could end up morphing into a word vomit on several things. We’ll see.

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