College, Heartbreak, Nowadays

The other day, I don’t remember what brought it on but I had a moment where I thought I missed college. To be more specific, it was a moment where I thought I missed my college crowd.

Almost as quickly as the thought came, I snapped out of it.

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Bring It On

Last week, I finally started to feel a little bit excited about school.

Still, the anxiety is there. To be more specific, I’m mostly anxious and stressed (for now) about the month of July. Having that intensive on-campus class schedule for the latter half  of the month and the RCF summer meetings definitely restricts my schedule.

There’s also volunteering (and because of accountability group meetings and class, I won’t get to go children’s group twice this month which means one of my two days has just to be administrative stuff) and the accountability meetings. And then of course, I still have work.

For my first semester back in school, it feels like I’m just diving into the deep end.

Deep breaths.

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Monday, I consumed way too much sugar. That’s saying a lot, considering how I’ve been consuming a lot of sugar in general during the past few weeks at work.

There was some free candy left out by one of the teams. We all leave out leftovers once our teams are done with our little celebrations/meetings/events. Whenever I walked past, I would grab a few. My friend also keeps candy out at her cubicle for people to take, which I tend to grab from when my mouth is 심심해.
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