RE: Parkland Shooting

I’m going to get cancer from reading people’s comments about gun violence and the right to bear arms.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have already been 6,774 incidents this year. We’re only half way through February. FEBRUARY. There have been thirtyish (no clear definition of mass shooting) mass shootings.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not even remotely educated on this topic. And, I know it’s a very intricate one with complex layer after layer. I’m not going to pretend to act like I know anything.

But, one of the central questions I come back to is, “Why are people even able to buy semiautomatic guns?”

I don’t understand.

People want to argue that guns don’t kill. People do.

Yes, fine. Guns are inanimate objects. Someone needs to actually aim and pull the trigger. But, what are these people killing with? Guns. How many mass stabbings do we hear about?

I read a comment trying to compare this to drivers and DUIs. It’s the person who is responsible for the drunk driving, not the car.

Okay. But, what happens when a driver gets a DUI? There are serious ramifications. If their license is suspended, they are prohibited from driving for a months to years. A repeated offender might have their car registration cancelled or confiscated. My friend in OH told me about their “party” license plates. People with a DUI on record might have to use a yellow license plate to indicate their past DUI. Sometimes, drivers might be required to go through a program or treatment.

Obviously, the legal consequences for a shooter are heavy (unless you’re an office who kills a black person, I guess). I know this still sounds like I’m essentially comparing apples to oranges, but my point is to demonstrate how seriously we take DUIs. They were a danger behind the wheel, so we take them out from behind the wheel.

The guns are a danger in these hands, so take away the guns.

Doesn’t that just make… sense?

I legitimately cannot even begin to wrap my head around people’s unwavering obstinacy to stricter gun laws.

WHY DO YOU NEED THESE GUNS? WHY IS IT SOOOO NECESSARY FOR YOU TO HOLD ONTO THEM? Don’t you think that your unwillingness to accept stricter gun control, even though we continue to have gun violence and mass shootings, is alarming? Is that not concerning to anyone else?

STOP USING THE SECOND AMENDMENT FROM OUR FOUNDING FARMERS TO JUSTIFY YOUR GUNS. Do you think that they knew that we would have a baffling amount of mass shootings and gun violence? We need to stop twisting things to justify our agendas. Context is important. The right to bear arms was in reference to military defense.

 Also, please, please, please STOP correlating mental illness to violent crimes. Do a quick Google search and you’ll see loads of articles about how mental illness is not a factor in most mass shootings.

We talked about this problem in my intro to criminology class last semester. Not only is it false, but it’s also extremely damaging. For the mentally ill, it’s perpetuating a stigma, which then only fuels prejudice against the mentally ill.

Stop it with the ignorance. Stop it with the stupidity. Stop it with the violence.

Isn’t it time to value the lives of our people and to prevent more death?


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